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A way to a “greener” home

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by admin

The easiest way to having a green home might be just to paint it!  However painting it will not help your carbon footprint and if you are really looking at your options for what makes a home more energy efficient and save you money here’s some advice about something that might help.   Having the insulation updated or redone on an older home can save you up to 20% on your bill.  But what really needs to be insulated here?  Well, insulating the walls, floors and attics are a great start.  The better these areas are insulated the more you can save on your heating and cooling bills because these are where the outside gets in.

Another thing to look at is cracks and gaps.  Even with great insulation you can still further reduce your bills and thus your carbon footprint by sealing up the areas around windows, doors, and elsewhere around the home.  You may already know about some of the locations that are drafty but there may be more than you are aware of, or would even think to check so it can be helpful to have a professional come out and inspect for areas that would benefit from sealing.

Insulating ducts can also be invaluable to bringing down the costs to you.  Not having the proper insulation on your ducts can lower your efficiency by up to 20%.  Sealing and insulating your ducts lets all of the warm or cool air get where it’s suppose to go.  In addition, it can be invaluable where ducts pass through areas of the home that are not finished like attics or basements.  It’s also important to seal the areas around the registers to not let the heat or cool air slip behind the walls.

Reflective insulation can also help in the summer in your attic to prevent the warm air that comes in from the roof to not seep down into the home during the warm months.   If you’d like Builder’s Installed Products to give you a free estimate to help you have a warmer home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer give us a call.