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For Builders

We have learned a lot since we opened in 1981 and as the industry has grown we have grown with it.  One of the main things that we’ve learned is what is important to builders and creating a great go-to relationship for the builders we work for.  We know that cost is important to you.  You bid these projects on figures that you project and you need a sub-contractor who understands that.  We know that quality of work is important to you, after all, you put your name on it and you want professionals doing the job right – the first time.   We know that being professional is important to you.  If your client comes on site to see the project, your employees and sub-contractors need to be doing their job and doing it right.  We know that being available to do the job, when you need it, is important to you.  Builders Installed Products understands your needs as a builder and we work with you to foster an easy relationship that, to put simply, works.  We work to impress you because our name and reputation is on the line right there with you.

If you need…

  • Insulation
  • Fireplaces
  • Gutters
  • Waterproofing your foundations
  • Air Barrier
  • Interiors work like shower enclosures, mirrors, custom closet spaces

If you need these things and would like to form a relationship working together we want to hear from you.

As an offer of good faith – First time builder clients get 10% off their first job. Let us show you we are the easy resource to call for these things.